Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to moving the software successfully to your new hosting account.

Tip:  In our opinion, you should take the time to upgrade to the very latest versions offered if you are moving servers.  Especially if your version is v3.3 or older.  It only makes sense to do this as a new hosting company is likely going to supply you with an account that has newer versions of PHP and MySQL running.  Therefore, you will want a newer version of UL so that it is compatible with the latest releases.  Upgrades are free as long as your Support & Updates Plan is active in your account for your order.  If it's not active, just renew the plan to gain access to the latest versions offered.

IMPORTANT:  The most important thing you need to keep from the old server is the list of stores from the UL system.  Before you do anything, you should login and perform an export and confirm you have downloaded the csv file to your computer.  You will use this exported CSV file to put your location records back into the new system once its up and running.


Old Server (Old Hosting Account)


You will want to leave this system running at all times until you are finished setting up and getting the locator running at the new host.  Only delete these files and database after you have completed the move.

You will need to export all of your store locator records via the Export Records tool in the Admin Panel.  And download the locations_*.csv file to your computer.



New Server (New Hosting Account)


Download the latest version from within your member account.  You'll need to make sure the new server meets the requirements. We recommend you download and install the Universal version we now offer in v3.6+.

If you are not upgrading to the latest versions of UL, then you should copy all files/folders from the old server to your computer, so that you can transfer them all directly to the new server, via an FTP program.

You can follow the steps outlined in our Quick Installation Guide to install and setup the software fresh on the new server if installing v3.6.  See our User Manuals for installing other versions.

At the new server.....
1. Transfer all files on the new server via FTP.  In a folder named /locator
2. Change file and folder permissions as specified in the Quick Installation Guide.
3. Run the 'Installer' script, by browsing to: at the new server.  Follow all steps to complete the install.
4. Reissue your license:

  • If you did not upgrade to the latest, and have installed the same version from the old server (ie. v2.2 through v3.3), then you must login to your member's account and 'reissue' the license'.
  • If you have a brand new v3.6 license key added to your account, then you do not need to reissue.

5. Login to your Admin Panel for the first time:

  • If you did not upgrade, you need to enter the same license key code.  Just make sure it's in a 'reissued' status in your member account first.
  • If you upgraded to a new v3.6 system, from a v3.3 or lower system, you must use a new license key code. Your older key code will not work.  You may need to ask us to provide you with one if we haven't already.
  • If you upgraded to a new v3.6 system, from a v3.4+ system, the same license key code will work.

6. Once logged into your Admin Panel, go through the configuration settings and setup the program in the same way it was before.  Everything will be setup as a default setting.
7. Import your Locations into the system (use the exported file from the older server that was discussed earlier)

  • If you have an exported csv file from v2.5.3 or earlier, this file will need modifications made to be compatible with the newer v3.x series.  You should download our Starter Templates to get started.
  • If you have an exported csv file from v3.0 or higher, your file should import without modifications.

8.  If you have modified the templates to have a custom style, then you can grab the changes from the old server inside the /locator/templates/index.tpl template and paste them into the new default templates on the new server in the /locator/templates/index.tpl template.  Your custom code should be insided the <header> and <footer> sections of the template.

9.  That's it.  Your move should be completed.  You can now go remove the entire locator system at the old server once you are confident that you have the new system up and running.