Previous owners of Ultimate Locator can upgrade to the latest v3.6 for free if your Support & Updates Plan is active.

If your Plan has expired, you'll need to Renew Your Plan from within your member's account to have access to the downloads area.


How to upgrade from v3.5 to v3.6:


Note:  If you are wanting to upgrade from v3.3 or earlier, you will need a new license key code deposited into your member account.  You must contact us and we will manually deposit the new key into your account.  If you have a v3.4 or v3.5  license key already in your account, it is compatible with this v3.6 release.


  1. Download the v3.6 pakcage from within your Member's Account.
  2. You can download the ionCube version, Source Guardian version or Universal version, depending on your needs and PHP version of your server.
  3. Before uploading any files to your server, you should login to your v3.5 Admin Panel and perform an export of your store locations and also perform a system backup.
  4. It is also important for you to NOT upload the /admin/mysql.php file while transferring files over via FTP. (as outlined in the next step)
  5. Transfer all needed v3.6 files to your server. Follow the Install Instructions in the Quick Installation Guide for precise steps.
  6. Be sure to change the permission on the /locator/templates/mobile and /locator/templates_c/mobile folder to have read/write access (CHMOD 777 or similar) if not already done.
  7. Run the upgrade3.6.php script file that is inside your /locator/admin directory. This will update your MySQL Database if needed.
  8. Login to your admin panel to administer your system. Always view the General Settings and edit as needed. Plus explore all new settings and features.

Following the above steps should upgrade your v3.5 to v3.6 without any errors, if all steps are followed.

* Template customization loss can occur if you upload new default templates and overwrite your existing customized templates. However, to take advantage of the new v3.6 template features and bug fixes, you will want to upload all default v3.6 template files.  Then you can easily customize the new templates by copying over your code that you had previously used inside the index.tpl template to customize your system.

* If you are upgrading from a version prior to v3.4, you will also need to run the appropriate upgrade script for each in-between version.  Example:  If you are upgrading from v3.3 to v3.6, you will need to run the upgrade3.4.php, upgrade3.5.php and then finally the upgrade3.6.php scripts to get all database updates between your prior version to this release.  You will also need to contact us about obtaining the new style license key in your account for the new v3.6 version.


If you have a version prior to v3.0 and wish to upgrade your system, then you will need follow these upgrade instructions first to get your system up to date to the v3 series.


Upgrading Recommendations:  

It is our contention that you do not upgrade your previous locator system.  The best installations are ones that are always fresh and new so that there is no confusion on which files to place, which database to use and other confusing elements.  We highly recommend that all users simply install a fresh and new locator in a separate folder, from your original locator.  Example:  If you are running Ultimate Locator v3.4 in a folder named /locator, we suggest that you perform a fresh install of v3.6 in a new folder named /locator2.  And if you are using a database named 'ourlocations', we suggest you create a new and fresh database named 'ourlocations2' for use with the new version.

By doing this, your website will not see an interruption with the locator system.  Your website will be utilizing the old locator until you are finished with the new locator installation and setup.  Once you have everything where you want it, then simply update your website links to point to the new /locator2 folder.  You'll also need to reissue your license for the new locator, once it's installed and you are ready to login to the Admin Panel for the first time.

Once your have the new locator installed and configured, all you'll need to do is import your list of locations into the system.

Again, this is just our prefered method.  It may not always be best for each of our customers and their situations.