Lost your Files?  Need to Replace them?  Looking for a backup copy?

If it's been awhile since your original purchase and you need to redownload the locator package that you currently own, you can.  But your package's Support & Updates Plan must be active.  The Support & Updates Plan controls access to support options, downloads and updates.


All of our member accounts have a time limited Support & Updates plan.  This means all Support Options and Download options come in limited time increments.  When you purchase the software for the first time, you get a free 6 months of Support and also Download access (Updates).  If you wish to come back and redownload your software after your plan has expired (after 6 months), your download links won't work.  You'll be required to renew your Support & Updates Plan to have rights to get support and have download access.


Here is an example:

You purchased Ultimate Locator v3.0 back in 2007.  It's been running on your site for several years now.  Your server recently crashed and now you have lost everything, including your locator system.  You want to login to your Member Account and redownload v3.0 so you can reinstall it again.  This is possible, but since it's been a few years since you originally purchased, you'll likely need to renew your Support & Updates Plan (unless you've been renewing it all along).  Once your Plan is active again, you'll have access to support options, downloads and updates.  You'll even be able to upgrade to the latest if you choose.

When you renew your plan, you can choose to extend the plan by 6 months or 12 months.


Not sure if your Support & Updates Plan is Active or Not?  Read this Article to find out how to check on its status.

Steps To Download the software:

Follow These Steps:

1.  Login:
Login to your legacy Member Account from our main site or by visiting the Login Page.

2.  View Your Packages:
Land at the Member Dashboard page and click on the 'View My Orders & Packages' link to see all the product packages you have loaded in your account.

3.  Package Summary:
Find the software package where it says something like 'Ultimate Locator v 3.x' and next to it on the right will be a link that says 'Summary'.  Click 'Summary'.

4.  Downloads Tab:
Find the TAB menu across the top that says ''Downloads'.

Once you are at the 'Downloads' page for your product package, you will see all available downloads to your account.  Click on a version to download to your computer.