If you are running UL v3.5+, then your system comes with templates optimized for viewing on mobile devices.  These templates are called 'Mobile Templates' and can be managed just like your desktop templates using the Template Editor tool inside your Admin Panel.

These screens shown to your users are meant to be lightweight, yet informative.  So, in saying that, not every field for a locaiton is programmed into the template by default. 

An example of this would be the User Fields.  If you have created custom User Fields, your mobile users will not get to see these values on thier screens by default.  However, you can easily add these fields to your templates so that they can get displayed.


Here is an example of how to add the User Fields to your Result Details page.


Inside your Admin Panel, click the link for Mobile Template Editor.

Find the result_details.tpl template and click on it to edit.


Add the following code to your template:  (before the <div class="locationLinks"> line of code near the bottom)

    <div class="locationDetails">
        {if $location.user1 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS1}:</strong> {$location.user1|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user2 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS2}:</strong> {$location.user2|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user3 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS3}:</strong> {$location.user3|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user4 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS4}:</strong> {$location.user4|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user5 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS5}:</strong> {$location.user5|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user6 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS6}:</strong> {$location.user6|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user7 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS7}:</strong> {$location.user7|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user8 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS8}:</strong> {$location.user8|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user9 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS9}:</strong> {$location.user9|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
        {if $location.user10 neq ''}<strong>{$USERS10}:</strong> {$location.user10|html_entity_decode}<br>{/if}
    <!-- .locationLinks --></div>


Adding the above code to your Mobile - result_details.tpl template will ensure your User Fields are displaying correctly for your mobile users.