When you add a value to the image field, for a location record, the system is expecting the image to be inside the /locator/locationimages folder on your server. So, you would have to make sure the file is present inside this /locationimages folder. If you are using the Add a Location tool, inside your admin panel, you will have the opportunity to upload the image. But, if you are importing a large list, you will have to manually upload all the images to the /locationimages folder manually.

If you were to type in 'logo.gif' as the value for an image name in a locations' record, it would get printed to the screen like this: src="../locationimages/logo.gif".  The system is expecting the image filename to be present inside the /locationimages folder on your server and will display it from there.

However, if you wanted to hotlink an image from another server, you can, but you will want to edit the template for any page that will display an image..

Example: on the result_details.tpl template, you will find this code near the bottom:


You could change it to:


And it will then display the image from anywhere, as long as you have the full URL in the field. Thus, inside a record's image field, you would need to type in a full URL to the image. Example: http://www.site.com/image.gif

All records in your database would need to conform to this new format. Meaning all locations will need the full URL to the image file.