Here is an FAQ that should help you understand license keys and access to downloads...


Which license keys are valid for which version of Ultimate Locator?

v2.3-v2.5.3 requires a license key code in the form of: one-1234567a89b0

Version 3.0-v3.3 requires a new style license key code in the form of:  ULv3-123a4b5c6def

v3.4-v3.6 requires a new style license key code in the form of: ULv3-SP-a1234b5c6d7e


Why the change in key styles?

When we upgrade our licensing authentication routines, we issue new style keys to the new versions. This way we do not interrupt older versions using older keys.  Our system is smart enough to determine the authentication routines to be used by examining the license key format. Each time we upgrade our licensing authentication routines, we actually implement different rules that work with the latest servers and technologies.  Therefore, we must do this from time to time as things change.


What if I don't have a certain key in my account and I want to use a newer version?

You will have to contact support and request that we add a v3.x style license to your account.  As long as your Support & Updates Plan is active, we'll be glad to upgrade your license key to be compatible with newer versions.  If your plan is expired, we will ask you to renew the plan first.

What if my Support & Updates Plan is Expired?

If your Plan is expired, you will need to renew your plan and make it active, in order to get your free updates to the latest versions.  If your Plan is Expired, the downloads in your account are disabled. 

If your last version ordered is v2.5.3 or lower, there is an upgrade fee that is 50% off the list price.  This upgrade fee will get you from the v2.x series to the new v3.x series.  You will need to contact support for an upgrade coupon that you can use to order the version.  Just enter the upgrade coupon code during checkout of the v3.x version to get your savings.


How do I check if my Support & Updates Plan is Active or Expired?

With the way our system works, you can not download any files, including current version or updates, when your plan is expired, so you must renew the plan to have access.  

Here's how to check the Status of your Support & Updates Plan, to see if it's active or expired...  

- Login to your Member's Account from our homepage.  Login box will be on the top left of the homepage.
- Once logged in, you will be landing at your Dashboard.
- Your Dashboard has many links, but you can click on the 'My Packages' link to see all the product packages you have loaded in your account.
- Find the product package where it says something like 'Ultimate Locator v 3.x' and next to it on the right will be a link that says 'Downloads'.  Click 'Downloads'.

Once you are at the 'Downloads' page for your product package, you will see one of two things...

- If your plan is active, then it will tell you it's active and give you the upcoming expiration date.  You can then download the latest versions.

- If your plan is expired, it will tell you it's expired and provide you with a link to 'renew' the plan.  Your download links will be disabled when the plan is expired.

If your plan is expired, you can extend the plan by 6 months or 12 months.  Once you go through the order process and successfully complete the order, your plan will be renewed and your access to the downloads will become active again.