In order to download/redownload any software package in your account your Support & Updates Plan must be active.  If your Support & Updates Plan is expired, you'll not be able to get support and/or have access to the downloads.


How do I check if my Support & Updates Plan is Active or Expired? 
Here's how to check the Status of your Support & Updates Plan, to see if it's active or expired... 

- Login to your legacy Member's Account from our site.
- Land at the Member Dashboard page and click on the 'View My Orders & Packages' link to see all the product packages you have loaded in your account.
- Find the software product package where it says something like 'Ultimate Locator v 3.x' and next to it on the right will be a link that says 'Summary'.  Click 'Summary'.
- Find the TAB menu that says ''Downloads'.

Once you are at the 'Downloads' page for your product package, you will see one of two things...

- If your plan is active, then download is granted and you can grab the latest versions.

- If your plan is expired, it will tell you it's expired and provide you with a link to (renew) the plan.  Download links will be disabled when a plan is expired.

If your plan is expired, you can extend the plan by 6 months or 12 months.  Once you go through the order process and successfully complete the order, your plan will be renewed and your access to the downloads will become active again.

NOTE:  If your software package is v3.3 or older, you must contact us after a successful renew and ask us to update your license key code.  v3.4, v3.5 and v3.6 will use a new style key code.  Your previous license key codes that you are using for v1.0 through v3.3 are not compatible.  As long as your Support & Updates Plan is active, we'll gladly deposit a new key code into your account free of charge.

Note:  Some downloads will not be available immediately after a payment.  In some cases, we must manually activate downloads, depending on which version you currently have and which version you are wanting to upgrade to.  If you need the latest version loaded in your account and it is not present, please ask us to place the correct version in your account.  We'll be happy to do that!