If you need to reissue your licenses (which means you would like to clear out your currently stored server details and start over), here are the steps.  You will always need to reissue both the local and the remote licenses each time you have issues logging in or if you move the software to another folder or another server or another domain name.

Remote License:

Login to your legacy Member's Account at our website.  Once logged in, follow these steps...

1.  Click on 'Customer Area'
2.  Click on 'View My Orders & Packages'
3.  Find your Ultimate Locator order and click on the 'Licenses' link for it. You will then see it shows the License Key Code and the Status. It should say 'Active (Reissue)' for it's Status.
4.  Click on the 'reissue' link to reissue your license and to release the current server details for registering again at your new host

Your Remote license key is now 'reissued'.

Local License:

Your local license is stored in your database.  It is populated with data the first time you access your admin panel.  It stays the same at all times, unless your reissue it.  Reissueing it can solve many of the login problems that pertain to Domian Name, IP Address and File Path issues....

You can reissue your local license with a special URL.  See example below....

To reset your local license key at your server: copy/paste into your web browser:   http://www.mydomain.com/locator/admin/login.php?force_reset=true  (replace with your own domain name and path to your admin panel)

Still Getting Login Error Message after Reissuing Your Licenses?
In some cases, our v3.2 login routines have trouble discovering your server's File Path or IP Address, due to your server's PHP settings.  If the admin panel login routine can not discover your IP or File Path, then you will get an error message.  You will see the 'The file path did not match what was expected' message when the login routine can not discover the root from path.  And you will see 'The IP address did not match what was expected' message when the login routine can not discover the IP address of the server.

Basically, the login routine is trying to obtain the Domain Name, IP Address and File Path each time you access your Admin Panel login page.  Once it obtains this info, it compares it with the values that are stored in your local license key.  If there is a mismatch of compared info, then it throws an error message.  When the login routine can't discover the domain name, IP Address or File Path when you access your admin panel login page, it it will automatically throw the error messages because they must be present to perform a test.

If you are experiencing the above scenarios, even after reissuing your local and remote licenses, then you will need to contact our support team via a new Trouble Ticket.  We do have an alternate login routine that can be placed in your system that should allow the login routines to work properly.  Or we can even try manipulating a few settings within your license settings.