The reason we created Ultimate Locator On Demand and released it to the public in 2015 is because downloadable software has a shelf life when you install it in a hosted environment controlled by others (i.e. Your Hosting Account).  Downloadable software is dependent on the computers, software and services it incorporates to make it a whole system.  Once you install a downloadable system and take ownership of it, you are required to keep all ancillary systems up to date and to keep your downloadable software up to date, so all systems can run in parallel.  If you computers (web servers) and other 3rd party servers get updated throughout the years, and the software doesn't, then this usually leads to issues in compatibility.

Since 2015, when our last version of our downloadable software was released (v3.6), a lot has changed.  PHP is different.  MySQL is different.  Google Maps is different.  And there are new requirements from all of them.  As things evolve in programming languages, APIs and database systems, it becomes a daunting task for customers to try and keep up with all these requirements.

Unfortunately for UL v3.x users, Google Maps has changed up their licensing on how they deliver maps to individual websites.  As of mid 2018, all maps that get served must have their own API key and the system requesting the map must submit the api key to google at the time of the request.  The owner must also have a Microsoft billing account enabled and active because if you go over their allotted amount of map views, you will be charged extra map loads.  Ultimate Locator v3.6, which was released in 2015, does not support the ability to submit API keys to google during the request.  When UL was released, submitting the API Key was not a requirement and it was not built into the system for that reason.  You can read more about this here.

There is nothing we can do to alter UL v3.6 as it reached end-of-life several years ago.  If you are still running UL v3.x, then you may just have to consider it a dead product, or you could hire your own php programmer to alter the system to pass along your API key when the locator loads and have your Microsoft Billing account set up.

What we are offering to customers in this situation is a discount to move over to our new On Demand system we have now.  You'll get a monthly discount for being a loyal and previous owner of our locator system, but the biggest benefit is that we maintain the entire Locator System for you.  All you have to do is have an active subscription.  We handle everything, including paying for all the map loads you may incur.

If you are interested in switching over to our new On Demand system, reach out to us and we'll supply you with a discount.  Contact Us Today.